Here are some fonts similar to bankgothicbold.

BankGothic Bold

Preview of BankGothic Bold
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BankGothicCondensed Bold

Preview of BankGothicCondensed Bold
Uncategorized 1095 Downloads

BankGothicLH Heavy

Preview of BankGothicLH Heavy
Uncategorized 10771 Downloads

BankGothic Regular

Preview of BankGothic Regular
Uncategorized 162966 Downloads

BarryGothicC Bold

Preview of BarryGothicC Bold
Uncategorized 30 Downloads

TemplateGothicBold Bold

Preview of TemplateGothicBold Bold
Uncategorized 338 Downloads

BankGothic Lt BT Light

Preview of BankGothic Lt BT Light
Uncategorized 13690 Downloads

Legothic Bold

Preview of Legothic Bold
Uncategorized 195 Downloads

FranklinGothicBoldSSK Bold

Preview of FranklinGothicBoldSSK Bold
Uncategorized 109 Downloads

BankGothic DB Regular

Preview of BankGothic DB Regular
Uncategorized 655 Downloads